Maths is all about exploring the patterns in evereyday life, which makes it an essential tool for understanding the world around us.

At university level maths is a fascinating and challenging subject and as maths underpinstechnology and plays a vital role in decision-making processes, graduates with strong numerical skills are always in demand.

Career options for maths graduates include the finanical sector, medical research or passing on your knowledge by becoming a maths teacher.

Sofia Amer

Sofia Amer

Sofia has a degree in Maths and Economics and now works as a Finance Analyst for Barclays Bank

I'm currently doing a three year rotation programme within finance alongside studying for the ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant) qualification. My main responsibilities vary according to the teams I join. For example, when I completed my rotation in Group Financial Reporting, my main responsibilties included taking ownership of a few note areas within the financial report alongside working with other team members to ensure all my notes reconciled to theirs. I also supported colleagues with some of their note areas and worked with different sites to collate data for the external reports we produced.

As I am on a rotational programme and studying for my qualification, my main responsibilties include supporting the different teams I join and taking ownership of any work that I want exposure to. There is no typical day within finance - the roles and responsibilities alter daily depending on what is happening in the business. I enjoy it as it allows me to experience different types of work and also exposes me to different areas of the bank, which has helped me to develop a strong network.

I absolutely loved my degree, so wanted a career that was analytical and one that also allowed me to develop my technical knowledge . As I studied maths and economics, I knew what type of career I wanted and so I only applied to finance and investment banking roles within the financial services sector. My degree carved my career path and I felt it opened up many opportunities for me.